.africa domain name promotion - how to register free .africa domains

For a limited time we are offering resellers the ability to register qualifying .africa domain names for free, and subsequent renewal fees to be set in line with current co.za renewals.

The registry has approved a list of domain names that qualify for free registration and if you have qualifying domain names then they will be presented within the client service area after logging into your reseller account.

Free Domains

As per above, your free domain names will only reflect if your matching co.za, web.za, net.za and org.za domain name has been migrated from zadomains.net to the new reseller portal

If your domains have not been migrated, then simply send us a support request asking us to migrate your domains. The process is quick, has no impact on your domains and the new reseller portal includes the same features that you are used to - ie easy domain management, automatic top, ssl certificates, dns management for domains that use mydnscloud etc.

Once your domains have been migrated, we'll link your qualifying free .africa domains to your account.

Free domain registration is also available for clients who use whmcs, so make sure that you are using the new whmcs module and check to see that your .africa domains are showing as available for free registration.

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